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PhotoSet not returning pictures

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Sep 16, 2008 at 11:58 AM

I am using your Flicker Api for .Net

I am trying to get the number of photos from a  photoset.

This is the code   

Photoset ps = fc.PhotosetsGetPhotos("72157607182607625");


Now the photoset is found as no error is thrown but no title is printed.

Also if you try to print NumberOfPhotos its gives 0 even tough there are 5 pictures in the


Any idea why this maybe happening.
Thank you in advance.

Oct 2, 2008 at 2:38 PM
If you want to see the XML that Flickr returned for debug purposes you can inspect the Flickr.LastResponse property, or try putting the Flickr.LastRequest url into a browser to see what it give you.

If it still looks like you should be getting something then check you are using the latest source, and show me the URL you are using.
Dec 30, 2008 at 8:41 AM
I to have the same problem, where you able to fix yours pasha1?
I'm using the latest source.

Photoset photoset = flickr.PhotosetsGetPhotos("72157610831435067");
(photoset.NumberOfPhotos is now 0 and  photoset.Title is empty)

And if I run "flickr.LastResponse" it returns:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<rsp stat="ok">
  <photoset id="72157610831435067" primary="2859048779" owner="28152575@N07" ownername="dyndog" page="1" per_page="500" perpage="500" pages="1" total="3">
    <photo id="2859048779" secret="e897f2b64a" server="3011" farm="4" title="Skiss" isprimary="1" datetaken="2008-09-15 16:25:10" datetakengranularity="0" dateupload="1221488710" iconserver="3177" iconfarm="4" license="0" ownername="dyndog" lastupdate="1221488712" tags="" latitude="0" longitude="0" accuracy="0" />
    <photo id="2803114836" secret="53329a275d" server="3184" farm="4" title="Arbete på nya webben" isprimary="0" datetaken="2008-08-27 14:38:34" datetakengranularity="0" dateupload="1219840714" iconserver="3177" iconfarm="4" license="0" ownername="dyndog" lastupdate="1229006422" tags="" latitude="0" longitude="0" accuracy="0" />
    <photo id="2774859870" secret="e8b21e15a2" server="3231" farm="4" title="Pleo tricks" isprimary="0" datetaken="2008-08-18 16:12:44" datetakengranularity="0" dateupload="1219068764" iconserver="3177" iconfarm="4" license="0" ownername="dyndog" lastupdate="1219068981" tags="jobb pleo" latitude="0" longitude="0" accuracy="0" />

Thanks in advance, and thank you Sam for your excellent work.
Jan 25, 2009 at 8:18 PM
2 issues:

Firstly, the NumberOfPhotos was returning zero because of an error - I've fixed that in the latest source.

Secondly, PhotosetsGetPhotos does not return the photoset title -you need PhotosetsGetInfo for that.