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Showing pics from flickr page.

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Dec 20, 2007 at 5:52 PM

First of all, sorry for my not 100% perfect english.
I'm currently working on a project for school, i want to implement the flick API, and show +/- 5 thumbnails on my website.
I was browsing through this site and i downloaded the example, but i'm trying to get it to work, i fill in my api-key, user-id in web.config.

When i try to run the file i get "Invalid signature (96)" - error, i looked it up at the website but didn't find anything usefull about it. I didn't change anything at the example that i downloaded, only the api-key and user-id .
Also when i try to authenticate on the default page i get the message from flickr " Oops! The API key or signature is invalid. "
Anyone can help me out, or show me somekind of proper sollution, would be awesome.