PhotosetsEditPhotos fails with UriFormatException

My sample code is as follows FlickrNet.Photoset newSet = _flickr.PhotosetsCreate("Consolidated", allPhotos[0].PhotoId); var sb = new StringBuilder(); for (int i = 0; i < allPhotos.Count; i++) s...

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AssemblyInfo.cs still shows version instead of

Compiling the FlickrNet.dll from the sources associated to the 3.13 release, and installing the DLL via gacutil, the DLL is installed as FlickrNet I think this is related to the fact that ...

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Flickr Login on WIndows Phone 8.1 is not working

HI, I am using FlickrNetWP7.dll(V 3.13.0) for Windows Phone 8.1 application,When I show login browser it display Yahoo login page but sign in button on that page is disabled,Before some days It w...

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PhotosGetInfo not returning correct WebURL

The string that represents the webURL is missing the OwnerUserID

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FLickrnet error - Input string was not in a correct format

It worked before but suddenly it reports this error: "Input string was not in a correct format" when doing PhotosSearch. I noticed there is a thread talking about this: https://flickrnet.codeplex....

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UploadPicture with less memory consumption

In current implementation, UploadPicture(Async in my usage) FlickrNet is copying data of picture two times to memory (original file content, temporary buffer) in method CreateUploadData. So I crea...

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XmlException: DTD is prohibited

I just received this Exception via BugSense: XmlException: For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document. To enable DTD processing set the DtdProcessing property on XmlReaderSetting...

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Unabled to use Proxy with Flickr

We are using FlickrNet in a web project. And the customers server requires proxy server to get request from internet. After much debuging etc i found that the. private static string DownloadData(s...

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Underlying connection was closed using PhotosetsOrderSets

System.Net.WebException thrown: "The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly."   VB.NET, VS2010, 32-bit Other functions, such as renaming a set are working fine.   ...

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Invalid signature errors only in Safari

I am getting the following response to api calls from Flickrnet only when using safari (works fine in Chrome, Firefox, and IE8/IE9):   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <rsp stat="fail"> <err...

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