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You can get a list of your photos which have Geo information using the following method:

Photos photos = flickr.PhotosGetWithGeoData();

This method takes an optional PhotoSearchOptions - not all properties of which are supported by Flickr. See for which properties are supported (e.g. Tags are not passed to Flickr and will make no difference on the search results).

The following example returns the authenticated users geotagged photos uploaded within the last 7 days sorted by interestingness.
PhotoSearchOptions options = new PhotoSearchOptions();
options.Sort = PhotoSearchSortOrder.InterestingnessDesc;
options.MinUploadedDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-7);
options.MaxUploadedDate = DateTime.Now;

Photos photos = flickr.PhotosGetWithGeoData(options);

Note: This will not by default actually return the Latitude and the Longitude of the resulting photos unless you specify the PhotoSearchExtras.Geo parameter as well.

options.Extras |= PhotoSearchExtras.Geo;

To set a photos longitude and latitude you call the PhotosGeoSetLocation method:

string photoId = "1234567"; // Replace with a valid photo id
flickr.PhotosGeoSetLocation(photoId, -1.71211, 55.21243);

Then remove the geo information from the same photo using the PhotosGeoRemoveLocation method. result will be true if the geo location data was removed, and false if there was no geo location information to remove.
bool result = flickr.PhotosGeoRemoveLocation(photoId);

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