N.B. The section name and attributes are all case sensitive. "flickrNet" is not the same as "FlickrNet"

Add the following at the top of your app.config or web.config

	<section name="flickrNet" type="FlickrNet.FlickrConfigurationManager,FlickrNet"/>

Then define whichever of the following elements you require. Almost all are optional.

<flickrNet apiKey="1234567890abc" secret="2134123" token="234234" cacheSize="1234" cacheTimeout="[d.]hh:mm:ss" > 
	<proxy ipaddress="" port="8000" username="username" password="password" domain="domain" /> 

The following attributes are used:

Attribute Optional Default Description
apiKey O null Your API Key
secret O null Your Shared Secret
token O null The users authentication token
cacheSize O 52480000 Cache size in bytes, default is 50MB
cacheTimeout O 1 day Format should be d.hh:mm:ss, where d = day, h = hours, m = minutes, s = seconds. The day part is optional
cacheDisabled O false "true" or "false" for whether to disable the use of the Cache completely
cacheLocation O special The path to store the cache in. Defaults to a FlickrNet directory under the current users Local Application Data directory
service O Flickr Currently unsupported. Values can be "Flickr", "Zooomr" or "TwentyThreeHQ"
proxy O IE default proxy The following attributes are only mandatory/optional if the proxy element is included
ipaddress M The proxy server IP address
port M The proxy server port to use
username O null username if required. If username is supplied then password is mandatory
password O null password if required
domain O null domain if required, to support Microsoft NTLM authenticated proxy servers

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