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Here is a list of application written using the FlickrNet API Library

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Application Description URL
Flickr Screensaver My windows screensaver
Photo Pivot Silverlight app for browsing photo collections
Flickr4Writer Flickr plugin for Windows Live Writer
FlickrPapr Mosaic/Wallpaper maker
StockMonster Car mashup website
FlickrWebCam Auto upload from your web cam
UploadrXL Fully featured Flickr Uploader
FlickrMetaSynchr Synchronise metadata between Flickr and your files
Migratr Transfer files between Flickr, Zooomr and 23HQ easily
Single Seater Racing F1 news site with added Flickr photos
Desktop Flickr Organizer Gnome-based desktop organiser for your Flickr photos
Flickr2Frame Aids downloading of photos to a digital photo frame
InterestingnessViewr Nice viewer for the recent interestingness
Flickr Downloadr A desktop downloader for your Flickr photos

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CareBear Jul 1, 2010 at 3:25 PM 
Flickr Downloadr is a long time FlickrNet user, which is quote populare on download sites: