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How get Sets from Collection

Feb 12, 2010 at 2:54 PM

I try get list of sets, and set id from my collection to array. Can any body help me?

Feb 12, 2010 at 2:57 PM
Can you define what you mean a little bit better?

The Flickr.PhotosetsGetList returns a Photosets class, which contains
the PhotosetCollection property which is an array of Photoset

What else do you need?


On 12 February 2010 14:54, ravenweb <> wrote:
> From: ravenweb
> I try get list of sets, and set id from my collection to array. Can any body
> help me?
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Feb 12, 2010 at 3:49 PM

Ok, i have variable with id the Collections. In this Collections i have few Set. I want get list id and name from this Collections. So, i started that functions:

        private void GetLitsSestt(string collection_id, string userId)
            Flickr flickr = new Flickr(ApiKey, SharedSecret, Token);
            Auth auth = flickr.AuthCheckToken(Token);
            PhotoCollection drzew = flickr.PhotosetsGetList(

private void GetLitsSestt(string collection_id)
Flickr flickr = new Flickr(ApiKey, SharedSecret, Token);
        Auth auth = flickr.AuthCheckToken(Token);
PhotoCollection lista_setow[] = flickr.PhotosetsGetList(string collection_id);

Obviously does not work, but finally I wants get table lista_setow[] whit list of id Sets.
lista_setow[0] = 779191 // Set id number 1 in collection_id...
lista_setow[9] = 818110 // Set id #9 -//-

Sorry but I do not know from which side of this issue and resolve it if you want to get ready functions. 
I found in this thread similar problem but i dont know how use this functions. I work in Windows Forms Apllciation and dont have experience with the Console Apllication so, sometimes I do not know how to rewrite the code ;)  


Feb 12, 2010 at 4:14 PM

A 'Set' and a 'Collection' are two completely different things.

The PhotosetsGetList method takes one parameter - which is the User ID - this is the ID of the user, and not the ID of a particular collection or set.

Flickr.CollectionGetTree returns an array of Collection objects, that can each have inner Collections of Sets. To get the list of sets within a collection you would do something like this:



Flickr f = new Flickr(APiKey, Secret, Token);
Collection[] colArray = f.CollectionsGetTree(collectionId);
foreach(Collection col in colArray)
   foreach(CollectionSet colSet in col.Sets)
      Photoset photoSet = f.PhotosetGetPhotos(colSet.SetId);
      // Do something with the photos here.