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Flickr Plus is now available!

Sep 11, 2009 at 12:49 PM


Flickr Plus is now available at !

What is flickr plus?

flickr plus is a desktop software that will make you more happy when you use flickr!


Flickr User

Your photostream is messy?

With flickr plus you can order your photostream the way you want!

Sick of group managers tell you what to comment?

flickr plus will auto comment on must-comment groups!

Photoshop add a lot of meta data to your images?

flickr plus will clean it up for you!

Want to set tags, sets, groups and more during upload?

flickr plus uploader will enables you to do it!


Flickr Group Administrator

Want to enforce group comment rules?

  flickr plus auto comment checker can run in the background of your PC and auto remove \ ban users!

Want to keep your group with invitation photos only?

flickr plus auto photo invitation checker can run in the background of your PC can auto comment \ remove photos!


Want more? let us know!